Owl Readers Club X Liliewoods

Owl Readers Club X Liliewoods

Owl Readers Club is pleased to announce our collaboration with a partner who designs and sells children focused furniture!.


If you are looking for uncompromised quality of solid hardwood, look no further. Liliewoods furniture is an artisan line of solid wood furniture meant for the most important people in the world, our children. Incorporating real parenting experience and taking into consideration children development and parenting needs, the design process is beyond just an aesthetic process.


Built in an Indonesian factory with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience Liliewoods uses responsibly sourced solid hardwood and eco-friendly low VOC finishing, their products are of heirloom quality. 


With minimalist clean lines, thoughtful and timeless designs with practicality not just for kids, Liliewoods furniture compliments small living spaces in current day Singapore.



All Owl Star Members will enjoy 50% (a range from $5 to $19 off) discount off Liliewoods’ Zahra Crate Cushions with every purchase of the Zahra Crate from Liliewoods.


To enjoy this offer, use the discount code sent in your welcome email (for first time purchasers of Owl Star Membership) or in our latest Rewards Update email.


Check out pictures of their beautiful furniture on their Facebook or Instagram.

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