Owl Readers Club x Pramshare

Owl Readers Club x Pramshare

Buying a pram is often one of the most expensive purchases when you have a baby. Satistics have shown that we own at least 3 different prams as our little one grows up. Enter PramShare, Singapore's first premium pram rental specialist set up to disrupt the notion of pram ownership. With a rental subscription model that ensures that you spend on a pram when you really need it, thereby reducing carbon footprint and also encouraing your little ones to be more self reliant faster!

Consider taking a little out of the huge savings you get from avoiding that expensive purchase, by enriching and bonding with your little ones with our curated books!

Owl Star Members will get to enjoy $15 off rental subscription until 31 December 2019. Details of this discount code can be found when you log into your account and click on "Owl Star Members  - Discounts & Benefits".   

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