Book Subscriptions?

Book Subscriptions?


UPDATED - 9 May 2019

Do you have a book subscription service? This question ranks in the top 5 list of questions that we receive on email or social media since we started.

Many times, we have wondered if we should just cave in and and do a service that is similar to what is out in the market? As the adage goes, give your customer what they want! Still we have resisted and for various reasons:

a. we are not set up to do a subscription service that would ensure every subscriber gets books that are different from the ones that they have previously received. If subscription comes in at different times of the year, we are likely to make mistakes and the cost of replacement and irate subscribers would be too much for us to bear;

b. we curate books based on quality and not price. Believe it or not, cost is not the foremost factor for us in choosing a book. A book that we feature needs to be interesting, unique, different or special and best of all, all of the above! This sometimes mean that we the cost of such books is higher than normal but that should not stop us from featuring the book! Conversely, a book with any of these factors that is of low cost should also be featured even if the profits are dismal! So there you go, you know our secret now! Which also explains why our books are of varying prices and a one price monthly subscription just does not work since we would have to make compromises which we are unwilling to do; and

c.  We are not sure if the joy of browsing and shopping can ever be replaced. Only you know your child best, in terms of everything including what they like or dislike. Whilst we do our best to curate the best books out there, we leave it to you to choose what your little one will like.

So what's the purpose of this article you ask? Well, thankfully over time, we have gathered enough information on what our customers generally like and we are now confident enough to release our first Under 1 Mystery Book Set - which has been SOLD OUT!. Here is our second version of our Mystery Bundle just before Mother's Day!

This foray into creating a mystery book set marks our refined version of a book subscription. By selecting un-released books and creating limited bundles we overcome the concerns we have raised and hopefully satisfy some of our member's desire to be surprised by our books and not have to go through our vast selection before deciding what to get for their little ones. Our very first set of 5 specially curated books going at a discounted introductory price has been selected to interest the very young ones to books, animals and classic nursery rhymes. Grab them before they are gone and leave us a feedback or comment if you are own one of these sets! We look forward to hearing from you! 


The Team @ Owl Readers Club

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