Owl Readers Club x Berbay Publishing

Owl Readers Club x Berbay Publishing


We hunt far and wide for the most interesting, eclectic and fascinating children’s books for you and we turn our focus down under this first quarter to bring you some wonderful titles by Berbay Publishing. Berbay Publishing is an independent children’s books publisher based in Melbourne Australia and their books contain stories with an edge and an eye for playfulness. We met founder and managing director at an international children’s book fair and have been very impressed with the vision she had for the books that she publishes, in particular the creative element that she looks out for in each and every title that is (lucky) enough to catch her eye and be part of her curated stable. Alexandra is a strong believer in bringing sophistication and depth to children’s picture books by combining poignant and imaginative stories with illustrations that are stunning, unique and appealing.

Winner of the Best Publisher of the Year in the Oceania category in 2017, Berbay Publishing has evolved from translating title to producing their own working with talents worldwide. Berbay Publishing has also established a reputation in the market for producing high quality, original and enriching children’s picture books and we @ Owl Readers Club are immensely proud and humbled to be able to collaborate with Alexandra to bring you some of the finest titles that Berbay Publishing has to offer.  Check out the special selection that we have curated here and pre-order these titles today!


The Team @ Owl Readers Club

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