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Owl Readers Club x FairPrice Xtra Wild Celebration - Free Animals Cards Giveaway!

Owl Readers Club x FairPrice Xtra Wild Celebration - Free Animals Cards Giveaway!

We remembered that fateful Saturday (14 June 2018) when we decided to bring our little ones to UE bizhub for a meal as well as our usual marketing and grocery shopping trip at one of the biggest FairPrice Xtra store on the eastern side of Singapore.

Tucked near the entrance where the trolleys used to be, was a little set up filled with chairs and a group of people dressed in Safari clothing. What was going on, we wondered? 

Clearly intrigued, we ventured to find out more. Lo and behold, FairPrice Xtra was now involved in Panini-like collection involving wild animals!? For those of you young enough to remember, Panini stickers was a big thing in school during the 80s and 90s, featuring the likes of WWF and football stars, to name a few. The 90s came along and sticker collection was upgraded to card collection, with Magic and thereafter Pokemon cards becoming extremely popular!

Dismissing the whole idea as a marketing gimmick, we decided to walk away until we were stopped by a friendly Safari guide who asked if we wanted to see the mobile app. Mobile app?! Wow this is serious stuff! (we @ Owl Readers Club have a mobile app and we are fully aware of the cost, effort and resources to produce an app!). So now we have an Experience Wildlife Animals card collection, a mobile app that serves to provide more information about the animals on the cards and a few other features that we did not fully understand at that time!

Deciding that the grocery had to be first completed, we promised the kids that we would find out more later, in the hope they would forget about it! Forget they did not, for at the checkout, we were suddenly struck by the number of green foil packets on display. The friendly cashier made things easier (and harder!) for us when she gave us a free foil packets and told us that we could buy up to 3 packets @ 20 cents each for every $10 we had spent! We debated and we struggled, in the end we relented and went home with a haul of 40 plus packets, thinking that it might be fun (and a good way to kill time) for the little ones to tear open the packets, look at the cards and slot them in the album ($2.80 each and consists of numerous fun facts and games!).

Home we went and the rest they said is history! The kids had so much fun! Apart from tearing the packets and finding out more about the animals, the kids also used the app to (i) conduct a virtual animal hunt by making use of the X-Ray Cards; (ii) scan the Image Recognition Cards to bring out image and sound of the relevant animal; and (iii) transferring animal images in each Digital Transfer Card to its relevant habitat. All these features as well as sorting out the E(Xtra) cards (which we now have a lot!) kept them very occupied and entertained. As expected, there were gaps to be filled in the album and we promised the kids that we would go back to a FairPrice Xtra next week.


Next week came along and we found ourselves at Kallang Wave Mall where there is another huge FairPrice Xtra. This time we found out another interesting feature of the app! We could do an in-store animal hunt and be rewarded with prizes worth at least S$5! Up and down the aisles we went and the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly! 



So here we are at the end of our tale and we have to share this with everyone because this campaign by FairPrice Xtra is fun, entertaining, educational and most importantly, the little ones enjoyed every minute of it! 

The campaign lasts till 22 Aug 2018 and more details can be found by clicking HERE so go visit the nearest FairPrice Xtra store today (click here for the various outlets). In support of FairPrice Xtra and this wonderful campaign, we are giving away a free foil packet with every purchase made with Owl Readers Club from now till 22 Aug 2018.

LATEST UPDATE: The foil packets have all been given away! However fret not, as we have been informed that the campaign has been extended till end of October 2018. We will be providing further updates on how we @ Owl Readers Club will be supporting this extended campaign shortly! Stay tuned.

In addition, for those who have downloaded our mobile app (for those who have not, please do!), you may have noticed our exchange function! This is now live and we are opening up the Exchange for every member to use during this campaign period to change for cards to complete your collection! So put your extra cards up on Exchange in our app, and exchange away! Who knows? You might meet another book-loving parent along the way!

Finally, if you need more animal themed books to keep your little one(s) entertained, check out our animal collection here!

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