Loving Books!

Loving Books!

We @ Owl Readers Club love books and where we had the opportunity to catch up with the founder of Loving Books (an imprint of Asia Pac books), we knew we had to find a way to collaborate and support their initiative

Loving Books is dedicated to creating beautiful children’s picture books to inspire a more loving world that knows no barriers. By promoting creativity, prioritising inclusivity, encouraging empathy, championing positive causes and building memorable reading experiences, the imprint believes that its books will act as the first step in spreading love and care all around, starting from a young age.

Their first foray into children's books is in the English counterpart of Candy and Friends. These titles were a collaboration between aunt-and-niece duo Bessie Chua and Linda Yan, and one of the first book projects that illustrator Patrick Yee embarked on. After years of success with the Chinese version, Candy and Friends has been re-born complete with cuter illustrations, a more modern look and more adorable lift-the-flaps!

“Cats are very curious, like children,” says Bessie. “They’re very inquisitive, and always get into trouble while exploring and trying to find out things.” Linda also believes that the cat is a ubiquitous idea in Singapore. “We often see cats lurking around our neighbourhoods, and many of us keep them as pets.” Creating a main character that was both adorable and one that children could relate to was the idea behind Candy, an orange tabby cat.
To create the artwork, Patrick decided to use a collage technique, employing a myriad of materials such as coloured paper, newspapers, rice paper, poster paint and chalk. “The illustrations may look simple, but it took me hours to complete one picture, as I had to make sure the characters remained consistent,” says the artist. The result: beautiful, colourful illustrations that are sure to grab the attention of the little ones.
As children flip through the pages, they will get to know Candy, her friends and her family. Through his fun outdoor adventures and while he is helping out around the house, children are encouraged to interact with the story by playing around with the exciting flaps that hide characters, sounds and even words.
A fun simple to read and interactive book for the little one(s) that also impart valuable lifelong values, such as responsibility, friendship and patience. 
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