Exclusive! - 音律启蒙 - 童谣

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Exclusively brought to you by Owl Readers Club!

This book offers your child #screenfree fun plus you'll get to immerse your child in the Chinese Language.

A Chinese audio book features 20 children's nursery rhymes and songs sung in cheerful children's voices. 

Commonly purchased with 语言启蒙 - 美绘故事, a book that reads out stories to your child in Mandarin. 

Grab our last restock of, 三字儿歌 大家唱 and  快乐宝宝手鼓书!

A splendid book that encourages your child to love the Chinese language, while working on listening and memory skills. 

Makes an excellent gift, one that will captivate and engage your child. Add a gift box at checkout! 

Hardcover (Audio) Book