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“In the past, I use to go a nursery. However, I am now grown up and I even have a teacher! She has long hair like a princess! I am going to preschool!"

With such a declaration, would you assume that the little boy is happy and excited to go preschool? Well not exactly, like most of his friends, he is unwilling to get out of bed as he had been sleepless the night before, waking up for water, hugs from mummy and kisses from daddy. Upon reaching preschool, his first reaction was if his parents were going to sell him away! Eventually, he learnt to love his preschool as there is the teacher that he learns from and his many friends and classmates that he learns together and plays with. 

Find out more about a little boy's journey to pre-school in this wonderfully written book!


精装 / Hardcover

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