My Awesome Bundle (Alphabet & Counting Books)

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Bundled together specially to provide you with more savings!

2 beautiful books with fun letter-shaped and number-shales pages to explore! Charming illustrations and clear levels encourage children to Look, Point and Learn.

My Awesome Alphabet Book
My Awesome Alphabet Book is a fantastic new way to introduce children to the letters of the alphabet. Filled with brilliant alphabetical words and cute illustrations, this book is perfect for adults and children to enjoy together. Each page is die-cut in the shape of the letter so children can explore the alphabet with their hands!

My Awesome Counting Book
Clear labels and fun sentences accompany Dawn Machell's cute illustrations in My Awesome Counting Book, making this book perfect for adults and children to enjoy together. Each number is presented with a die-cut page in the shape of that number, so children can explore the figures with their hands!

Check out Whose Tail? (Duo), an interactive book that that's full of simple adjectives to enlarge your child's vocabulary as you read to them! 

Large Board Book with sturdy pages

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