Why Dogs Sniff Bums

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Exclusive - direct from Greg Ray, the author himself!

All way from the southern most city of Australia, we are pleased to bring to you the first of many from the "Why Dogs" series!

"Why Dogs" is a tongue-in-cheek collection of children''s books which through delightfully crafted, rhyming verse and beautiful, original water-colour illustrations, explores the whimsical characteristics and unique eccentricities of dogs! They are books for dog lovers of all ages.

Why Dogs Sniffs Bums - This is a question that has intrigued boys and girls from around the world for as long as anyone can remember. Our explanation is equally old. It’s a fable designed to provide a not-too-serious reason for dogs to sniff one another’s bums. It’s a little bit silly, but it is also compelling. Above all, it’s an easy explanation to give to small children wanting to know why dogs have this peculiar habit. It’s a ‘must have’ resource for most parents!

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