Spiky and Dotty

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Spiky and Dotty loved to play together. One day after they both changed, they realised that one of them can only play in the day and the other only at night. Will the best friends grow apart or will they find a way to spend time together?

Suitable for children aged 3.5 to 7 with easy to understand characters. 

Science weaved into a beautiful story of two true friends, who struggle to spent time together despite their differences. 

A great book to help with young play mates moving apart due to relocation or just moving to another part of Singapore perhaps?

This book is part of the Make A Difference Books
The stories in the M.A.D. Books series recognise that everyone is different and that’s what makes us special. The M.A.D Books form part of a special project by Singapore Polytechnic in writing and illustrating children's books.
In support of #buysinglit and #supportlocal, check out the other titles in our collection of books that are locally written and published.
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