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My First Look and Find Sound Book - My Busy Day

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Over 50 sounds in this fun fold-out sound book! Look and Find 10 noises and sounds in each busy scene, search for them on the sound panel and listen to the sounds they make!

Check out our pictures to view the different busy scenes and underneath flaps!

Little readers will learn about the different busy scenes (town, campsite, park etc) and objects, vehicles, activities and animals associated with each respective scene. It can get challenging to identify each object!

How to use the book: 

  1. Find the objects in each spread – Name a few objects for the child to find, and make them count them, e.g. flower pots, ice cream cones, trees, clouds, etc.
  2. Play the sound – Find and Identify the animal and play it’s matching sound
  3. Identify the sound – Play the sound and let the child find the associated animal
  4. Pretend Play – Build a story around the page and play the sounds

These are some of the interactive activities which can be undertaken with this book.

A wonderful and all-encompassing busy book to introduce everyday scenes and objects to children, one that will keep their minds and hands engaged for hours.

Highly interactive with lots of mileage. This book will help develop auditory, visual, and problem-solving skills. 

Recommended for ages 2+ to 5+. (Adult supervision advised). 

Book measures 31.5cm x 31cm, only suitable for gift wrap. 

Audio Interactive Board Book with replaceable 3 x AAA batteries