Two By Two - Reading List Special (Kindergarten)

To all parents and students of Two By Two Schoolhouse, we are honoured to be this year's partner of Two By Two to provide a recommended reading list for you to read with your child during the final term of 2018.

For once, the reading list that you have is no longer publisher-specific as we @ Owl Readers Club believe in sourcing and bringing in the best childrens books out there locally and around the world, for little ones in Singapore to read and enjoy independently and/or with their parents. 

As Two By Two is a valued (and the first) partner of Owl Readers Club (read more about this here), we have decided to waive shipping fees for all orders on the basis that will be delivered to you/your child either at one of Two By Two's schools. Sign up as a member for FREE (or consider our paid membership if you want more benefits, check it out here), browse our collection, purchase and apply the following discount codes at checkout to enjoy FREE SHIPPING:

"2by2TK" - if your child is studying at Telok Kurau; OR

"2by2NP" - if you child is studying at Namly Place

Our specially curated selection for the K1s and K2s explores various themes that your preschoolers(s) will or may have experienced during his or her formulative years leading up primary school. Remember this is only a recommendation so feel free to browse all the books that Owl Readers Club have curated and continue to enjoy FREE SHIPPING using the above discount code and also the very exclusive FREE GIFT that we are providing as part of this initiative (to make the reading adventure even more fun!): 

For orders above $60, our exclusive Lego-compatible Snoopy Treehouse set*. Check it out here.

For orders above $100, our exclusive Lego-compatible Snoopy Treehouse set with a personalised notebook (include the name of your little one in the remarks section on checkout)*. The notebook can be used for many things, including recording all of the books that your child has read (maybe even encourage him/her to narrate to you the summary of the story and you can write it down for him/her in the notebook!) Check it out here.

*While stocks last or up till 31 Oct 2018 (or such later date as may be extended at the discretion of Owl Readers Club), whichever is earlier!

Kindly note that our books do get out of stock from time to time and whilst we do our best to restock them, sometimes it is just not possible as they may be out of print. If you are interested in any out of stock titles, drop us a WA @ 9725 6862.

Finally, if your child is interested in animals, do consider taking up a Nat Geo Little Kids annual subscription, which is now available to members of Owl Readers Club at a heavily discounted price. Find out more about this fun and fact filled magazine with amazing photographs here!

Two By Two - Reading List Special (Kindergarten)
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How Did That Get In My Lunchbox - The Story of Food - owlreadersclub
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Library Lion - owlreadersclub
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Library Lion
彩虹色的花 - owlreadersclub
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Whale Gets Stuck! - owlreadersclub
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一团臭袜子 - owlreadersclub
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The Highway Rat - owlreadersclub
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Wombat Goes to School - owlreadersclub
Wombat Goes to School
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Wombat Wins - owlreadersclub
Wombat Wins
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