Huá Language Centre - our Partner!

Owl Readers Club is proud to unveil its first partner for 2017 and extremely excited to introduce its newest owl friend to our members! A language centre that has been specialising in teaching Chinese to children for more than 30 years!

Huá Language Centre was set up by a husband and wife team way back in 1992 to help children master Chinese. Although Mr & Mrs Chew both majored in Chinese literature in Nanyang University and spoke Mandarin at home with their daughter, they quickly realised that English still became their daughter's master language as children are subject to a predominantly English-speaking environment in school. They imagined that the lack of a conducive environment for learning Chinese must be even more pronounced for children who do not speak Mandarin at home. Their love for the language and desire to promote Chinese in Singapore gave birth to Huá Language Centre.
Before setting up Huá, Mr Chew was an MOE scholar who taught Chinese at National Junior College before becoming a Chinese curriculum inspector at the Ministry of Education. Besides being an educator, Mr Chew is a writer and newspaper columnist who’s well known in the Chinese literary circle.
Prior to setting up Huá, Mrs Chew was with the Chinese Language and Research Centre at the National University of Singapore, a department that specialized in teaching foreign students Chinese. She has also authored a few Chinese assessment books for children.
Huá believes in the importance of motivating students to be interested in learning the language so that absorption of knowledge is optimised. Hence, their curriculum and pedagogy are designed to be lively yet effective.
Peels of laughter often erupt from our preschool classes, as our teachers know what children like and enjoy. Knowledge is then interwoven into these enjoyable moments so that children learn whilst having fun.
Huá has its flagship centre at United Square in Novena, which has 14 classrooms and a multi-purpose studio which is perfect for story telling events.
Huá also has two other branches at Causeway Point in Woodlands and Greenwich Village in Seletar.


With this partnership, Owl Readers Club now has additional venues in various parts of Singapore for its members to attend story telling sessions and reading related workshops and seminars. Find out more about our first story telling event here!


Chinese Books Recommendation


Huá has also been invaluable in their support by recommending to us Chinese titles that we bring in for Owl Readers Club. Check out the Hua Collection of recommended Chinese books here!


For our Owl Star members, check out the special benefits that we have secured for your child should you decide to enrol your little one for lessons at Huá Language Centre!


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