De Kinder Club - Our Partner!

Introducing our newest partner amidst the pandemic! Life goes on and we are delighted to share with you this newly established gem of a place in Marina Square.

At De Kinder Club, we believe that every child is a gift. Every child is capable of thinking creatively. Inspired by early education concepts from Europe, De Kinder Club’s multi-disciplinary approach focuses primarily on sensorial and experiential learning.

De Kinder Club offers a variety of classes for children 6 months - 6 years old! We have our weekday drop-off programme and weekend enrichment classes to further enhance your child’s potential during their golden window period for learning. We aim to ignite the love for learning in every child, in a fun and engaging way!

Find out more about our classes and join us for a trial class today! Check out more details about De Kinder Club or visit our Facebook/Instagram @dekinderclubsg

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