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Storynation - Our Partner!

What happens when you can't find the right partner to complement what we do?
We work with others to create it! 
That's right! Storynation is our newest partner to the Owl Readers Club network of partners, a partner that has been created from our belief and love of story-telling, one that we were searching for from the day that we launched Owl Readers Club but had yet to exist! We harboured hopes that one day there will be a community of story-tellers located in various parts of our island, all of them members of Owl Readers Club and using our mobile appllications to host story-telling events at a location of their convenience.
We are very excited that we now one step closer to that day, thanks to Storynation! Helmed by award winning storyteller, Roger Jenkins, Storynation promises to take you on a path of self-discovery, to uncover the storyteller in us all!
All our members will be notified of workshops, seminars and events organised by Storynation from time to time and Storynation citizens (who graduate from the various workshops) will also be able to host their story-telling events through Owl Readers Club for all our members to attend.
The first public workshop for parents is scheduled for 15 Sep 2017. Find out more details here.
As usual, Owl Star Members will also enjoy special perks and benefits - find out more