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Thank You Everyone - Here's something for you!

We thought it was about time to update Our Story since its been more than 2 years since we first conceptualised this start up. The family has gotten a little bigger, we have all grown a little older and the kids have grown a little taller!

This journey to create a community of book loving parents has been a pretty arduorus one. We have tried to organise activities and had to dealt with the uncertain turnout. We have launched book and toy bundle sets which have been met with varying degree of success. We have also had to faced lots of competition from the other businesses out there, selling at fairs, online or through social media channels, with constant discounts and/or flash sales. We have resisted the urge to follow suit, simply because we believe that our curated collection of books (and building blocks) are already very reasonably and competitively priced.

The fact that we are still here and writing this is a testament to the support that we have received from each and every single one of you out there, our members, our partners, our vendors and even our courier delivery service! So from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You Very Much each and every one of you!

So here's our little something for you with our various partners, just for reading this:

  • 5% discount off (non-promotional) items at ToppingsKids using the discount code "owlreaders.club" - check it out here.
  • Free trial and half price on registration fee from JSSL - check it out here
  • Waiver of registration fee with Huá Language Centre - check it out here
  • Approximately 25% discount off the annual subscription for National Geographic Little Kids - check it out here.
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