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A fun-packed story about a very unusual bus – with lots of funny details for little readers to spot, and a BIG fold-out ending!

Every day, the bus driver finishes his cup of tea, puts on his jacket and sets off on his route. Every day, the man with the big red tie gets on at the roundabout, the lady with the pram gets on at the library and the noisy children get on at Clover Drive.

But what if one day the driver turned down a new and exciting road, and picked up new and exciting people? So many people that the bus simply wouldn't be big enough? Well, there would only be one solution . . .

Don't miss The Hundred Decker Bus and The Hundred Decker Rocket!

Plenty of details to pore over with your child, the book also features multiracial characters and people of different shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. 

The super huge fold-out ending will wow little ones as they spend time poring over each detail in the colourful illustrations. 


精装 / Hardcover