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噼里啪啦游戏绘本全3册 3D立体

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欢迎来到“噼里啪啦游戏绘本”的世界,小手翻一翻,《扑通扑通 水族馆》里,憨态可掬的海狮就能抛接皮球,神气活现的企鹅就会“扑通扑通”跃入大海……《嘻嘻哈哈 动物园》里,威风凛凛的狮子就会对视怒吼、优雅迷人的火烈鸟跳起令人炫目的舞蹈……《轰隆轰隆 游乐园》里,头晕目眩的海盗船左右摇摆、华丽梦幻的旋转木马充满欢笑……
Welcome to the wonderful and interesting world of the Aquarium, the Zoo and the Amusement Park, presented to you in 3 sturdy interactive pop up hard cover books that would delight and excite the young ones while enhancing their Chinese vocabulary. 


纸板 / Hard Cover Book (Set of 3 books)

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