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会说话的百变抽拉机关书 (4册)- Exclusive

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A series of 4 interactive audio books like no other! 

Covering 4 vastly differing themes:-

- A day at a construction site
- Safety drill / Safety awareness
- Farm Animal Choir
- Jungle Animal Sports Day

Each book has various push and pull mechanisms as well as sound effects and audio being emitted with either an action (the very first of its kind!). The book ends with a push button for one last audio.

Each sturdy board book is operated using replaceable batteries to allow your little one to enjoy the books for a good period of time. 

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Spark your baby's love for reading, captivate and excite them while they learn new Chinese phrases and vocabulary at the same time!  

1. 认知训练

2. 语言训练

3. 玩具功能

4. 亲子互动

5. 听觉训练

6. 提高审美能力

Recommended for ages 18 months to 4 years old. (Adult supervision advised). 

Set of 4 board books with moveable tabs / 4册纸板有声触摸书