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Active ABC

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In Active ABC, babies can trace the upper and lower case die-cut letters of the alphabet as they learn the verbs that begin with each letter. The Beginning Baby animal friends provide helpful visual cues to the meaning of each word while also giving caregivers plenty of opportunities to talk about socializing with other children.

Perfect for for ages 0-3! 

DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE: Every book is conceived and written to address milestones in a baby's life, from fine motor skills to shape recognition and emotional awareness.

TEACHES LETTER RECOGNITON AND DEXTERITY: Each die-cut letter is presented in both upper and lower case so babies can familiarize themselves with both kinds of letterforms. And tracing the shapes will lead to an easier transition to writing, when the time comes.

AN EARLY ABC BOOK ABOUT VERBS: Many ABC books teach babies nouns, but verbs are the next step in making sentences and communicating clearly.

ADORABLE CHARACTERS: Evoking Richard Scarry's characters but for much younger readers, these adorable characters-from an artistic llama to a musical elephant and gardener octopus-teach toddler concepts while promoting socialization and community.

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED FOR DISCERNING EYES: Bright, peppy colors and patterns make this series of books attractive for both babies and adults!

Perfect for:
* Parents of babies and toddlers
* Grandparents
* Uncles and aunts
* Teachers and educators at daycare and early childhood centers
* Anyone looking for the perfect baby shower gift

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