Amanda the Panda Goes to the City

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It’s a bright sunny day in Pandoro and Amanda the Panda is getting ready for her big move to Pancity. In her new school, Amanda keeps her head in her books, studying indoors all day. As her eyes begin to ache, she remembers her mummy's advice, "Remember to give your eyes a break even when you don't feel tired". Follow Amanda as she learns how to keep her eyes healthy while coping with the changes of moving to a big city and the demands of education.

This is our second book following the adventures of Amanda the Panda, as we learn more about short-sightedness or myopia, and its prevention.

Childhood is a period crucial to preventing the progression of myopia. During these formative years, spending more time outdoors has been shown to reduce myopia.

In this book, we discuss the important role parents play in reducing the educational pressures on their children and to also encourage them to take more outdoor breaks. Not only does outdoor play help to prevent myopia, it also has potential benefits to physical and emotional well-being in children.

We hope that parents will read this picture book to their children and remember our little tip about outdoor breaks!

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Paperback (written, illustrated and printed in Singapore)