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[Bilingual] 亮丽精美触摸书 - 小兔比利 - 中英双语

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Have you met the wonderful friends of the forest? Why not follow Billy Bunny and he’ll introduce you to everyone! The creatures of the forest are very friendly and they’ll even let you get up close to touch them! You’ll meet the shimmering beetles hiding in the flowers, stroke the soft feathers of a lovely bird, tickle Beth the Badger’s white fur and touch the silky wings of a butterfly. This gorgeous touch-and-feel book with realistic illustrations is a beautiful way to introduce babies and toddlers to Chinese!

Bilingual English and simplified Chinese edition of An Adventure with Billy Bunny. This interactive board book by Maurice Pledger will delight little children with its flip and surprise pop ups that a child can touch and feel.


Board Book / 纸板书