Children's Encyclopedia - Ocean World

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This book will take you through the enchanting world of the oceans, in full vibrant colours and mesmerising forms.

Everything your child wants to know more about the ocean, from its colour to the creatures that live within it, can be found in this information packed book. 

Why are oceans blue? Why is ocean water salty? Why is it called the Pacific Ocean? Among all our oceans, which is the youngest? 

Did you know? Octopuses swim using only two of their eight arms! 

Which is the largest island in the world? Find that out in the book!

Guaranteed to fascinate children who love everything about the ocean & ocean creatures!

Each spread is beautifully organized with a fun fact box, making it easy to read and remember! 

Children will have fun reading and learning, parents will probably pick up some knowledge too!

Recommended for advanced readers 6+ or 7 and above. 

Hardcover (limited copies in store)