Children's Encyclopedia - Space

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If your child is interested in science or space, this book will have everything they are looking for to whet their appetite for knowledge! 

Space Encyclopedia is an all inclusive book designed for young inquisitive minds to find out and explore with more depth, the facts and fiction behind the mysteries of space. Topics include The Big Bang Theory, Solar System, Stars, Space and Technology and the Future.

The photography and illustrations are colourful and attractive. The charts, graphics and tables make it exciting and easy for young minds to learn.

Guaranteed to fascinate children with a deep fascination about space!  

Each spread is beautifully organized with a fun fact box, making it easy to read and remember! 

Children will have fun reading and learning, parents will probably pick up some knowledge too!

Recommended for advanced readers 6+ or 7 and above. 

Hardcover (limited copies in store)