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Children's Encyclopedia - World History

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World History Encyclopedia covers the earliest of ages and civilizations to the current modern world - ie Mesolithic Era, Indus valley Civilization, early and late Modern Periods.

Find out how Rome, Europe, China and India looked during the middle Ages! Get introduced to our first forefathers, the cultures they held fast to and the societies they built - contributing to the sculpting of the modern world.

Key historical events and regimes that gave new directions to the wave of time also find a place in this book making it interesting and engaging. For the benefit of the young readers, the authors have also incorporated a glossary of difficulty terminologies.

Each spread is beautifully organized with a fun fact box, making it easy to read and remember! 

Children will have fun reading and learning, parents will probably pick up some knowledge too!

Recommended for advanced readers 6+ or 7 and above. 

Hardcover (limited copies in store)