Colours of the World - Green Planet & Blue Planet Bundle

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Limited Sets available featuring both Green Planet and Blue Planet!
Green Planet
Every creature in the forest – from the tiny beetle to the giant bear – depends on trees for survival. This wonderful introduction to the natural world is full of facts about animals and wildlife in the forests of the globe and is suitable for children of all ages.
Trees give us oxygen to breathe. They provide a home to billons of animals all around the planet. This brilliant book explores the forests and woodlands of the world, and the creatures that live in them, with fascinating facts and stunning illustrations.  
Featuring the smallest trees to the mightiest jungles and the tiniest beetles to the biggest bears!
Blue Planet
Every creature in the ocean – from the tiny snail to the enormous blue whale – depends on water for survival. This beautifully illustrated book introduces children to the animals that live in the world’s waters.

Water gives us life. In this brilliant book the waters of the world are beautifully presented with fascinating facts and stunning illustrations. Featuring animal life in rivers, seas, lakes and ponds. plus some of Earth's most bizarre-looking creatures.
Hardcover (x2) Limited copies available