Jasper - A Robot's Guide to Feelings

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A Robot's Guide to Feelings is a big book of emotions for little learners.

I’m Jasper and I have three very important questions for you: have you ever felt so excited that you thought you might burst? Have you ever felt really nervous, like your tummy was tied up in knots? Have you ever felt happy and sad… at exactly the same time?

This heart-warming book is for every kid who said yes to any of these questions!   

"Sometimes, it's really hard to understand how we're feeling and why. Emotions can be very tricky. But read along, and you will learn the names of 24 emotions, what they feel like, why they happen, and how they can affect our choices."   

Join Jasper and his friends, Zara, Tom and Robbee as they go on adventures filled with friendship, feelings and fun!

 Learn, share and explore feelings as a family with the beautiful illustrations and fun interactive content in this book. 

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