Never Touch a Hedgehog!

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Have fun touching the bumpy creatures.. if you dare!
You must never touch a hedgehog... except in this book! This creature-themed touch-and-feel book is perfect for young children. Meet the weird and wonderful animals in this fun rhyme, perfect for adults and children to enjoy together. 

Innovative silicone touches feature throughout the book, with a different texture for children to explore on every spread.

An amazing touch and feel book that offers plenty for little ones to enjoy, while helping to promote an early love of reading!

Plenty of different textures and bright colours on every spread, this board book is made with innovative silicon touches that are featured throughout the book.

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Perfect book for babies who are doing tummy time and toddlers who love exploring new textures. Great for ages 0-3.5! 

 This Touch-And-Feel Book is a wonderful gift for little ones at birthday parties or gatherings! 

Touch and Feel Sturdy Board Book 

(Cleaning tip: use baby antibacterial wipes to clean and let dry)