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Ditty Bird - Chinese Children's Songs - NEWEST

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Exclusively FIRST launched in 2019 in Singapore by Owl Readers Club!
Now with upgraded on/off switch!

Chinese Children's Songs in Mandarin is a book with 6 favorite Chinese songs. It's an educational book and learning toy that helps kids learn Chinese through music!


Two Tigers - 两只老虎
Where's Spring? - 春天在哪里?
Little Donkey - 小毛驴
Picking Radish - 拔萝卜
Good Little Rabbit - 小兔子乖乖
Where's my Friend? - 我的朋友在哪里?

Commonly purchased with Ditty Bird Children's Songs

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Perfect for little ones aged 0-3+! Makes an excellent birthday gift! (Gift box offered at check out).