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All the way from Down Under, we are pleased to be the first to bring you a special bundle set of 6 books focusing on your child's emotions/feelings and well being!

Recognizing, understanding and acknowledging 'feelings' is an important life skill.

Feelings like butterflies in your stomach, the anxiety of going to school, or joining a sporting team for the first time can be challenging! Knowing how you feel helps children to empathize, communicate and connect.

These simple-to-read books help parents, educators and guardians begin important life discussions. Young children build emotional development through:

Examples and Stories: characters show children what feelings and emotions are.
Understanding: the stories simply show how and why they happen.
Recognizing: the stories prompt children to reflect on their own feelings and those of the others.
Developing: the stories look at coping mechanisms and effective ways of managing them.

Often children struggle to find the right words to communicate how they feel. The Resilience Range collection of books builds the necessary vocabulary and education to manage life's little moments. 

This collection consists 

Sometimes I Feel Angry

Sometimes I Feel Anxious

Sometimes I Feel Sad

Sometimes I Feel Wronged

Sometimes I Feel Happy

Sometimes I Feel Kind

Catch us share more pages inside this series of books, over on our Instagram @owlreaders.club! 

Recommended for ages 3.5 and up.

6 x Hardcover Books