Everybody Feels Complete Collection Volume 1

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A full collection of 4 books from this highly acclaimed series. Each book uses fun, engaging illustrations to reassure young readers, providing them with a vocabulary to express and understand their feelings as they grow up and encounter different situations. With a mix of stories, questions for the reader, and advice, each book focuses on why children may feel a certain way and how they can deal with those feelings. 

This collection comprises of:

Everybody Feels Scared!
Did you feel scared on your first day of school? Have you ever felt nervous talking in class? Did your heart beat really fast? Read about Omar and Chloe, and what they did when they felt scared.

Everybody Feels Angry!
Has someone ever taken something that belongs to you? Have you ever been angry and shouted? How did you feel? Did you clench your fists? Read about Sophie and Ethan, and what they did when they felt angry.

Everybody Feels Sad!
Have you ever lost a favourite toy? Were you sad when a pet you loved died? How did you feel? Did your eyes fill with tears? Read about Chloe and Omar and what they did when they felt sad.

Everybody Feels Happy!
Have you ever been really excited about a holiday? Have you ever made someone else happy? How did you feel? Was your smile really wide? Read about Ethan and Sophie, and what they did when they felt happy.