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This book is a perfect blend of learn and play!馃幍
It systematically and comprehensively introduces and teaches children Pinyin with rhythmic and catchy short sentences. Gaining exposure to Hanyu Pinyin helps little learners pronounce Chinese words accurately and understand the correct tones, which is crucial not only for effective communication, but also in oral examinations from primary 3.

It also helps little learners in reading and writing. Pinyin serves as a bridge for beginners who are not yet familiar with Chinese characters. It allows them to read and write simple Mandarin in Pinyin, before transitioning to more complex Chinese Characters. This is especially helpful for little ones to gradually build their language skills.

An interactive book that is a pleasure to share during that precious hour before bedtime.聽

Makes an excellent gift, one that will captivate, engage and enrich your child. Add a gift box at checkout!聽

Recommended for ages 4 and above.

銆婂ソ鐜╃殑鎷奸煶鐐硅涔︺嬫槸涓濂楅潰鍚3-6宀佸効绔ョ殑鎷奸煶鍚挋涔︾睄 銆備粠鈥滃惉銆佽銆佽鈥濅笁涓柟闈紝绯荤粺銆佸叏闈€佽叮鍛冲湴鏁欏瀛愬鎷奸煶锛岃瀛╁瓙鍦ㄦ湁瓒g殑鏁呬簨涓佸湪绮剧編鐨勭粯鏈腑銆佸湪鐭ヨ瘑鐨勬儏鏅繍鐢ㄤ腑锛屾綔绉婚粯鍖栧湴瀛︿範鎷奸煶銆佽繍鐢ㄦ嫾闊筹紒




Hardcover (Audio) Book with USB charging (comes with USB cable)