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This book offers your child #screenfree fun plus you'll get to immerse your child in the Chinese Language. 

An audio busy book for young ones with a focus on learning Chinese pronunciation (hanyu pinyin) in different settings! 


A interactive book that helps your child understand the hanyu pinyin and so much more about the Chinese language, while working on listening and memory skills.

Makes an excellent gift, one that will captivate and engage your child. Add a gift box at checkout! 

Recommended for ages 4 and above.

《好玩的拼音点读书》是一套面向3-6岁儿童的拼音启蒙书籍 。从“听、说、读”三个方面,系统、全面、趣味地教孩子学拼音,让孩子在有趣的故事中、在精美的绘本中、在知识的情景运用中,潜移默化地学习拼音、运用拼音!




Hardcover (Audio) Book with USB charging (comes with USB cable)