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Exclusive! - 手指点读 - 宝宝学说话有声书

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This book offers your child #screenfree fun plus you'll get to immerse your child in the Chinese Language. Exclusively brought in by us, specially for your little ones!

An interactive busy book for young ones learning Chinese words, with a lot of other interesting activities (like questions and answers, games etc) and stories to entertain your little one! The book uses a 'touch the page and play the sound' technology with more than 200 touch points comprising of various themes across 10 spreads including:

Sounds around us / What happens in a day / Nature / Opposites / Action - What are you doing / Places to go / Manners / Action - Speak in full sentences / Storytime  / Rabbit's Family (Question and Answer) / Nursery Songs / Good Habits 

Don't miss our fresh restock:

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可爱动物涂鸦发声书 (An audio and drawing/sketching book featuring 24 common animals!)

A interactive book that encourages your child to speak more Chinese at home and fall in love with the Chinese language, while working on listening and memory skills. 

A highly interactive book with lots of mileage as your child grows. Perfect for gifting! (Add a gift box at checkout!)

Recommended for ages 3 and above. 







P.S. Adult supervision is always recommended. 

Hardcover (Audio) Book with USB charging (comes with USB cable)