Exclusive - 幼小衔接有声书

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This book offers your child #screenfree fun plus you'll get to immerse your child in the Chinese Language. Exclusively brought in by us, specially for your little ones!

An interactive bilingual busy book for young ones with a focus on learning Chinese pronunciation (hanyu pinyin), Chinese strokes and word recognition. Book also contains other themes such as:

Hanyu Pinyin sounds / chinese strokes / word bank / simple addition and subtraction / telling the time / calendar (days of the week, months of the year) / manners / safety tips / a day in the kindergarten / simple conversation / hand shadow games / selected Chinese classics & poems / an interactive piano.

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A interactive book that encourages your child to enjoy learning chinese strokes, hanyu pinyin, chinese characters and so much more about the language, while working on listening and memory skills.
Do note: 4 out of the 16 spreads are bilingual.
Makes an excellent gift, one that will captivate and engage your child. Add a gift box at checkout! 

Recommended for ages 4 and above.


认识拼音 / 笔画偏旁 / 象形识字 / 10以内加减法 / 我会认识时间 / 养成好习惯  / 安全知识 / 幼儿园的一天  / 情景对话 / 手影游戏 / 三字经 和弟子规(节选)/ 古诗 / 钢琴儿歌 - 两只老虎

*Disclaimer - Book contains a section entitled 生活标志, and not all of them are Singapore localized signs. 

Hardcover (Audio) Book with USB charging (comes with USB cable)