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Bird Sounds Trio Gift Bundle (50% off Ditty Bird!)

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50 % off Ditty Bird Bird Songs! Limited time only!

For the first ever we have put together 3 different audio titles (2 new Chinese titles and one favourite from our highly popular Ditty Bird collection) into a one-time only limited bundle at a very special price for all those bird lovers out there! 




This bilingual book contains 6 types of unusual birds and the sounds they make, being the Ceylon Myna, the Giant Kingfisher, the Lorikeet, the Pelican, the Kind Penguin and the Flamingo. Listening to these real bird sounds and their names in English and Chinese emitted from this book will fascinate and interest little children!



This bilingual book contains 6 more unique birds and the sounds they make, including the Cuckoo, the Nightingale, the Black Bird, the Pigeon and more. Listen to these real bird sounds and learn their names in English and Chinese when you press each button! We guarantee it will engage and fascinate your little one!

Ditty Bird - Bird Songs

Does your baby know the magic of different bird calls yet? Let Ditty Bird teach them facts and sounds of the Cuckoo; Blue tit; Herring gull; Tawny Owl and Dove. Then listen and learn the adorable song “Once I Saw A Little Bird” so the whole family can sing along! Time to go Bird Watching (and LISTENING) together.

The book introduces first facts about five favourite birds:

  • Cuckoo,
  • Blue tit,
  • Herring gull,
  • Tawny Owl,
  • Dove,
  • "Once I saw a Little Bird" rhyme.

3 audio book books (Each running with 3 x AG10 batteries which is included)