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Grady Bear Overview:

The series follows Grady Bear as he grows up and bravely steps out into the world around him. In each book, Grady Bear faces a challenge or an obstacle that children commonly encounter growing up and learns to overcome each of them.

Reading about the fun-loving Grady Bear together with children serves as a natural conversation starter for parents and educators alike about various challenges in children's growing up years.


Grady Bear's First Day at School

Help your child prepare for school with a little help from adorable Grady.

It’s Grady Bear’s first day at school, he’s very nervous and doesn’t want to go to school. His thoughts are filled with troubling questions like what happens there? Will they like me? Will I fit in? What if nobody wants to be my friend?

Starting school or new experiences are a huge deal! It can be exciting and scary at the same time. And just like Grady Bear, your child may share the same feelings of anxiety.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling this way, but failing to help your child make the most of this beautiful new adventure might only end up fueling his or her insecurities. We don’t want that for your child.

This story follows a young bear, Grady Bear, who arrives scared at his new school, not knowing what to expect. But his fears are managed and his nerves eased when he meets bumble bee and realizes that the first day isn’t nearly as scary as he thought it would be.

Grady’s first day at school is a good way to start a conversation with kids about overcoming their fears and succeeding in school or for kids facing a new experience.

Go on an adventure with Grady Bear to find out what bumble bee says to Grady.

Illustrated by Mike Lowe

Grady Bear Loses a Tooth

Losing a tooth is a part of every kid’s life, but should they feel embarrassed because of it?

Grady Bear doesn’t think so, but in this story, Grady Bear must overcome the pressures from his peers and accept that he is happy no matter what others might say. This is an important story to help relate to children the dangers of bullying and teaches important lessons to help them overcome bullies and help others as well.

In Grady Loses A Tooth, our protagonist Grady loses his first tooth only to discover he now talks with a whistling sound. Other classmates make fun of him, and he feels ashamed. However, throughout the story, he learns how to talk about his feelings with others along with steps to get past this point. In the end, the bullies weren’t so scary after all, and he had nothing to be ashamed of!

Grady Loses A Tooth is full of opportunities for parents, relatives, mentors, and educators to talk about bullying with their young ones. There are plenty of lessons throughout, and young readers should come away feeling safer, more prepared, and unashamed of their unique qualities.

Illustrated by Mike Lowe

Grady Bear Goes Adventuring:

Join Grady Bear and his friends as they go adventuring in Storyland – this time, they meet the mysterious and mighty wind in the giant beanstalk forest. After solving riddles and making a new friend, they push on to find new ways to put the orange paper cruncher to sleep… and it does not end there! On their way back, the friends lose their way in the rows of houses made of straw, sticks and bricks… will the children make it back to school in time?

In Grady Goes Adventuring, our readers will be introduced to adventure-related themes such as courage, being responsible and creative thinking in times of adversity and when facing challenges. Set in Storyland – the land of giant beanstalks, rows of houses of sticks, straws and bricks, and home to the Army of the Marching Cards on the Yellow Brick Road, our readers will get to know the sharp wit of Deedee the Bee and problem-solver Rodiland the Cat.

Parents and educators – Grady Goes Adventuring is ideal for easing into conversations around how sometimes, even the best plans can run into difficulties, and children are never too young (or too small or too inexperienced) to solve their own problems. There are also lessons sneaked in on the power of wind and how asking the right questions can get you further.

Illustrated by Mike Lowe

Grady Bear is Bored

Often times, and especially in this period of uncertainty, we see many children who are busy but are not necessarily engaged in what they're doing. We also see children who appear restless due to being stuck at home, and they may get frustrated due to feeling like they lack control over their choices. Grady is Bored addresses two key areas of interest that parents may experience with their children: Boredom, and how children can help themselves when faced with difficulty and self-doubt.

In Book 4, we also introduce two lovely new characters, the panda siblings Yin and Yang, who are extremely talented drummers. These warm, friendly and relatable characters will enchant and teach children at the same time, their lessons sticking around long after the last page has been turned.

Illustrated by Cleo Tan

Set of 4 x paperback books

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