How Did That Get In My Lunchbox - The Story of Food

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One of the best parts of a young child's day is opening a lunchbox and diving in. But how did that delicious food get there?

Who made the bread for the sandwich?
What about the cheese inside?
Who plucked the fruit?
And where did the chocolate in that cookie get its start?

From planting wheat to mixing flour into dough, climbing trees to machine-squeezing fruit, picking cocoa pods to stirring a vat of melted bliss, here is a clear, engaging look at the steps involved in producing some common foods. Healthy tips and a peek at basic food groups complete the menu in this knowledge-filled paperback book. 

American Farm Bureau Foundation - Agriculture - Book of the Year

Suitable for children aged 3.5 to 7 with clear and engaging illustrations of the steps involved in producing some common food. 

Encourages children to understand different food groups, and how each food group in moderation helps you to grow strong and healthy. 

It is worthwhile checking out A Ticket Around The World and Space Discovery!

For families with preschoolers who are looking for an extension of this book, look no further! 

We are honoured to have our book featured in Dough n Me! Click here to browse the very popular 'Eat My Veggies Sensory Book Kit'! Guaranteed to give you and your child hours of the best sensory play. 

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