Human Body

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An amazing pop up book with the following features

  • 10 fun pop-ups inspired by parts of the human body
  • Build information and general knowledge of the body we live in and have fun with them in  their 3D glory.
  • Extraordinary interesting, a stimulating read as well as a fun opportunity to play.

10 spreads and 10 pop-ups in each book!

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About the Author

David Hawcock studied art in York, UK, majoring in graphic design. He opened a design studio in Bath specialising in children's books. He has designed and produced many successful pop-ups, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Recommended for little ones 4 and above. 

P.S. Adult Supervision is advised at all times as this title comes with pop-ups.

Hardcopy (Pop-Up) Book (Limited copies)