Lift The Flaps: Human Body

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Lift the flaps to discover the hidden world inside your body, from your hair to your toenails. Find out what really goes on underneath your skin, with unbelievable facts and amazing drawings that show you how your body works.

A great book (or gift) for children 4+ years old and above!

This book keeps eyes and fingers stimulated whilst moving around the pages! A ton of flaps to open with interesting facts to read! 

Great for children interested in learning how the body works! 

For families with preschoolers who are looking for an extension of this book, look no further! 

We are honoured to have our book featured in The Playroom! Click here to browse 'All About My Body',  a perfect bundle for your little learner!

This bundle (over at The Playroom) includes:

  • 1 x Lift The Flaps: Human Body Book
  • 1 x Mideer Body Magnet Puzzle

Find out the wonders of your body by exploring the outer body parts, the skeletal, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, neural and muscular systems. The perfect introduction to science concepts as well as to promote body positivity and confidence.

Complement learning with hands-on sensory play using the Mideer Body Magnet Puzzle. Piece together the magnetic pieces according to the template cards or simply mix and match the various system together to get an overview of your bodily functions.

Board Book (with lift-the-flaps)