Mouse & Weasel Duo Exclusive Bundle Set

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What can two little seemingly irrelevant animals teach us?

We present two wonderful stories fresh from a UK publisher that share our love of Owls!

Self-acceptance and Self-confidence!

What Welsey Wore

Did you know, a group of weasels is called a confusion?
All the weasels in Westburrow Wood are supposed to follow the rules and fit in.
So, imagine their confusion when they meet Wesley, a wacky weasel, who is obsessed with clothes!
As the other weasels plot and protest against Wesley, readers will be eager to find out what happens, in this heart-warming story about acceptance.

Nominated for the People's Book Prize Winter 2019

By Samuel Langley-Swain , Illustrated by  Ryan Sonderegger

The Brownest Mouse in Town

Pay a visit to the Polka Dot Pet Shop... ...where every pet is marvellous, magical and unique. Every pet that is, except a plain, brown mouse who doesn’t feel special at all. This heartfelt story of self-confidence teaches young readers not to judge by appearances, to be proud of their uniqueness and to believe in their own strengths.

By  Tarah .L. Gear , Illustrated by  Christine Cuddihy