My Book of Deadly Dinosaurs

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Final copy with cosmetic peeling at edge of pages hence the discount. WA for actual pictures. 

Which fish-eating dinosaur is the biggest hunter of all time? How many teeth did T. rex have? Could Velociraptors fly?

Step back in time to when the deadly dinosaurs ruled the Earth, and discover the answers to these questions and much more in this fantastic, fact-packed board book.

Bursting with incredible images and chunky fold-out pages, this book is perfect for small hands and curious minds.

Excellent for gifting! Perfect for little dinosaur lovers. 

Check out the size of a 6 year old child in comparison to the Stegosaurus, the Quetzalcoatlus, the Megalodon and many more!

Recommended for ages 4-7.

Hardcover Board Book with giant flaps