My Daddy and Me

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In the spirit of read-aloud family favourites like Guess How Much I Love You and I Love You Through and Through comes a fresh classic about the eternal love between father and child.

Daddy wakes before I rise.  Drinks his coffee.  Rubs his eyes.

Sees me standing on the stair.  Picks me up.  Smooths my hair.

Discover a poignant, heartfelt ode to the special love between father and child. From sharing a quiet moment over the comics section at breakfast, to playing at bath-time before tucking into bed, My Daddy and Me celebrates the day-to-day joys of fatherhood. With tender, rhyming text from Linda Ashman, and sweet, tender illustrations by Jane Massey, in a cuddly padded board format, this book is perfect for daddies everywhere -- who love and guide their little ones morning, noon, and night!

A heartwarming read, this is the perfect book for all Dads! 

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