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My First Book of Cantonese Words

2 Reviews

Written, illustrated and printed in Singapore!

In the past, countless locals were 'addicted' to Lei Dai Sor, a storyteller who spun out yarns in Cantonese. By featuring the names of everyday objects in Cantonese, a dialect that landed on our shores when the residents of China's Canton (Guangdong) province migrated here, this book provides the perfect introduction for the uninitiated. It also serves as the first book to educate your little ones to the world of Cantonese words!

Add in a little bit of heritage and culture when reading to your little ones!

Did you know?

Unlike the females of the Hokkien and Teochew communities, Cantonese women could work outside their homes and did not normally practise foot-binding. The samsui women in their trademark red headgear, for example, are best remembered for their work as earth-carriers and labourers in Singapore's construction industry in the 1950s!

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Hardcover book with sturdy pages