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🇸🇬 My First Book of Hokkien Words (Last copy in store!)

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We have run out of stock for this item.

Last copy in store. Do note there will no longer be a re-print of this local series.

Also, last few sets of this local dialect series, My First Set of Dialect Storybooks. Grab while stocks last! al series. 

Written, illustrated and printed in Singapore!

In Singapore, our conversations are often peppered with Hokkien words. A dialect that came when the residents of China's Fujian province migrated to Singapore, there's more to Hokkien than their famous noodles!. By featuring the names of everyday objects in Hokkien, this book provides the perfect introduction for the uninitiated and the ideal refresher for your little ones to get acquainted with this dialect.
Did you know? 
According to the 2010 Singapore Census, the Hokkien community forms about 40 percent of the Chinese resident population, making them the largest Chinese dialect group in Singapore.

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Hardcover book with sturdy pages