My First Talking Body Book 超全超酷说出身体的秘密 (中英双语) 点读发声书

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A one of a kind compendium of facts and information about our body specially designed for young children to understand. With wonderful illustrations, biology and science is distilled in an easy to comprehend format, your child will be intrigued and fascinated by the human body and the various functions of its organs which we know are there but can never see! 

This bilingual audio book contains over 140 touch points (more than an hour of audio sound bytes) depicting the words of every illustration as well as an interesting Q&A at every page. You may adjust the volume of the narration and switch between English and Chinese. To top it all, the book comes with USB charging (instead of batteries)! 

This is one of the most comprehensive interactive bilingual book about our body for preschoolers. Themes in the book include:

Where do we come from - 我从哪里来?
Our body - 我们的身体
Bones and Muscles - 骨骼和肌肉
Our brain - 大脑
Our respiratory system - 呼吸系统
Heart and blood circulation system - 心脏和血液循环
Where does our food go? - 食物历险记
I have fallen ill - 我生病了

Every page is illustrated in a manner that is intended to captivate and engage young curious minds! 

An excellent gift for birthdays for little ones aged 3+ and above. Add gift box at checkout!

For families with preschoolers who are looking for an extension of this book, look no further! 

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Kit includes:
1 x My First Bilingual Talking Body Book (from
2 pieces of cutters
3 tubs of handcrafted pocket size dough (2 x 200g and 1 x 120g)
Audio Book with On Off Button and Charging cable (limited stock)