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Never Look for a Chameleon

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A bumpy textured book, teaching your little one all about colours! 

Never look for a chameleon . . . unless it's in this book! Children will love looking for the color-changing chameleon on each busy page. There are die-cut holes to peek through and amazing silicone touches, creating a tactile reading experience. With fun, rhyming text and awesome illustrations, this book is sure to be a hit!

  • – Colours-themed touch and feel book
  • – Bumpy silicone touches throughout
  • – Fun, rhyming text and bright illustrations

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    Perfect book for babies who are doing tummy time and toddlers who love exploring new textures. Great for ages 0-3.5! 

     This Touch-And-Feel Book is a wonderful gift for babies and toddlers! (Add gift wrapping or a gift box at checkout!)

    Recommended for ages from birth to 3+.

    Touch and Feel Sturdy Board Book