Never Touch a snake!

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A fun animal book with silly rhymes and silicon touches!

You must never touch a snake . . . except in this book!

This animal-themed touch-and-feel book is perfect for little ones. Your baby will love the funny rhyme that warns of the dangers of touching the wild animals and then ignoring the advice!

Innovative silicone touches feature throughout the book, with a different texture brings about tactile learning on each spread as children explore. 

  • Bumpy silicone textures (each spread with unique colours, shapes and curves)
  • A fun wild animal theme (different animals featured on each spread)
  • Funny rhyming text and illustrations (rhymes teach children to notice and work with the sounds within words)

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Perfect book for babies who are doing tummy time and toddlers who love exploring new textures. Great for ages 0-3.5! 

 This Touch-And-Feel Book is a wonderful gift for babies and toddlers! (Add gift wrapping or a gift box at checkout!)

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