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Press-and-Learn English Malay Chinese 1-10 with Wacky Animals & Fruits Book

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Brand New Version

An interactive trilingual sound book bursting with animals and fruits! You and your child will have so much fun picking up math literacy and language in stages.

It is perfect for teaching your child numbers 1-10 in a most unique way. Each number is highlighted in a fun rhyming sentence, showcasing nouns, prepositions and verbs that will enrich your child’s language developmental journey.

Commonly purchased with Press-and-Learn English Malay Chinese Words Book!

Math Literacy

Learn stable order, number recognition, number tracing, cardinality, number sequence, one to one correspondence and order of counting.

Listen and sing along to 123 song to learn stable order. Stable order is the number words from one to ten and their order. The rhyme and rhythm will make it easier and more fun to remember the number pattern of 1-10.

Show your child the numbers in the book - we have made them big and clear - read out loud each number. Trace the numbers on the book with their fingers.

Count the number of animals with your child to learn cardinality, number sequence, one to one correspondence and order of counting.


Nouns. A child’s first words are usually the names of people or things (nouns), such as Mama, Papa, Dada, bus or dog. This book has cool animals, fruits and objects that children can learn.

Prepositions. Stimulate your child’s cognitive and linguistic development by teaching them spatial concepts with the use of positional words.

Verbs. Verbs are very important for language development because they are stepping-stones to forming complete sentences and developing grammar, enabling them to communicate effectively.

Animals & Fruits. Instead of run-of-the-mill animals and fruits, your child will encounter wacky animals such as the tarsier, Komodo dragon, and the cornucopia of fruits featured is tropical and tasty!

*BONUS! Your children will also discover fun facts of each featured animals!

Gorgeously illustrated and thoughtfully structured, this book makes learning a breeze and a joy.

Audio Book

Uses 3 x AAA batteries