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今天是闹闹城的大日子,你看城里的钟都敲响了,可这是为什么呢?快跟着骑自行车的小狗来探索闹闹城的“大事件”吧! 这套书巧设悬疑,激发好奇心,引起孩子阅读兴趣。在阅读过程中,不但能吸收童趣故事,还能发现故事里的图标,按着图标寻找对应声音,一书多玩,在帮助孩子认知事物的同时,培养他们学习习惯。本书将声音与文字巧妙结合,有10个发声按键,让孩子边读故事边寻找图标按按键,不仅锻炼了孩子关联思维,首脑协调,还收获了阅读的喜悦,让孩子爱上阅读。

This is a big day for little dog. The city clock has rung but what's the reason for that?

Follow little dog on its adventure to find out what happened in the city and experience the sounds of the city along the way! This book is designed to pique the curiosity of your little one and develop his or her interest in reading. This book contains 10 audio songs which encourages the reader to press the correct button as the story progresses, thereby developing hand eye coordination in your little one.


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